Proposed 540,000 Square-Foot U.S. Military Museum to be Developed in Houston

Land, Air, Sea and Space American Veterans Museum

Houston, Texas (January 28, 2019) – The proposed American Veterans Museum (AVM), is planned to be built in Houston, Texas, setting a new standard for preserving American history while giving back to the Texas Veteran population.

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In 2014, a demographic study was conducted by the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics (NCVAS) to determine the veteran population in the United States. The results indicated an approximate nationwide veteran population of 21 million – of which, 1.7 million reside in Texas; nearly 300,000 in the Greater Houston Area alone. With 300 military-themed museums in the United States and more than 30 in Texas, none will be able to match the innovation associated with the American Veterans Museum (AVM).

Our veterans represent a level of “Living History” that can be shared with those who have never served, which is why having a major veteran’s museum in the City of Houston is important. The AVM will provide an entertaining, interactive historical showcase with a global appeal that will preserve our military history, honor our veterans, and inspire future generations. In addition, it will house facilities and provide opportunities for transitioning veterans to make a smooth, successful transformation from military life to the civilian sector.

“The proposed complex will consist of multiple structures to include museum, retail, administrative, office, and residential spaces on approximately 67 acres of economic zoned   property,” says Col. Jimmy Mitchell, Chairman of the Board. “Its design will enhance existing cityscape and entertainment interests. We have a talented team of strategic planners, business development professionals, and veterans leading the charge on this initiative.”

Founded in 2017 as a non-profit organization named “Texas Veterans Museum, Inc.,” the American Veterans Museum (AVM) was created as an endowment for Veterans’ programs whose first purpose was the development of a self-sustaining museum. In 2018, the organization adopted the dba, American Veterans Museum. Both entities meet Congressional and State guidelines for the use of the word “Veterans” in their organizational names and have received naming approval from the American Legion.

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“We were fortunate to recruit a U.S. Navy veteran who is a private commercial developer,” says Andy Valadez, Marketing Chair (Marine veteran/Board Member). “He served aboard the USS Nimitz and understands the critical nature of this mission. This development plan has something for everyone, such as educational institutions, jobs, and travel opportunities aligning with other veterans museums.”

The proposed main building of the campus will incorporate traditional museum artifacts, interactive and new technology displays, administration offices, conference rooms, and working classrooms. Other buildings on campus will have offices for veteran’s organizations, transition assistance, job training and placement, housing assistance, and daycare. A “One Stop Shop,” for most veteran’s services (excluding medical).

The purpose of this proposed multi-functional complex is two-fold: 1) a museum to promote significant tourism opportunities for the city and state and 2) to provide additional training, skills and transition assistance opportunities for our veterans.

“We want to enhance the money invested into our military personnel by helping them continue their education and find great jobs when they return to Texas,” Col. Mitchell adds. “We feel that the probability of a successful transition will rise if we can provide the necessary tools and support structure needed for the transition. It is much smoother if the services are all in one location.”

The AVM Planning Team members are working together to determine the exact location for the proposed development. Upon the proposed site being approved by the AVM Board of Directors, we will expand our team to include top-level business and military leaders to drive the completion of the proposed development with a planned opening date of July 4, 2026 – the 250th Anniversary of the United States of America.

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Media Contact: Andy Valadez, Marketing Chair      Direct:  713.560.3348 

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